The Strain Domain About Page

Based in Central Oregon, The Strain Domain is a cannabis marketing and content generation company dedicated to advancing the cause of the cannabis community. We work with a bevy of companies from growers looking to break into the cannabis market to well established businesses across Oregon improve their online image.




Web/Print Marketing- We have a growing network of websites and physical locations that we use to cross-promote. We will distribute our print magazine to

100+ cannabis friendly businesses across Oregon in 2017. Our website network alone has thousands of monthly visitors. Our total audience is growing fast with and we want to offer you the chance to reach our readers before anyone else.

Content Generation- Product/strain reviews, informational pages, event coverage and interviews with a spectrum of businesses within the cannabis industry. We travel around the state looking for the best the cannabis industry has to offer and bring it to our audience. We have sponsored and non-sponsored content in every issue but space is limited. Make sure to secure your spot ASAP!

Product Photography- The Strain Domain provides High Quality photography of flower and products with every article or post. We take normal and Macro photo’s to display products and businesses. We provide clients high resolution images perfect for putting on Weedmaps, Leafly, or product catalogues.

 The Strain Domain is currently accepting new clients interested in growing their communities and engage in a more meaningful way with potential customers.



We look forward to hearing from you soon!