6 Ways You Can Increase Your Yield

We all want to get the most out of our plants. And most states that it’s legal to grow in, cap us to a specific number of plants were allowed to grow in our garden. So, the only way to get more flower from our gardens is to improve our growing techniques. Using these six techniques, you are guaranteed a larger yield.

Use Seeds from High-yielding StrainsIncrease Your Yields

Your efforts will be for nothing if you start with a strain that hasn’t been genetically optimized to increase yields. Most modern hybrid strains have been bred to produce more cannabis to make them commercially feasible. Do your research, buy seeds from a reputable seed bank and reap the rewards.

Pump CO2 gas to Improve Yieldsdscn2981_1472-large

A quick way you can improve yields is to use a carbon dioxide gas (CO2) generator in your grow room. The recommended level to get the most out of your plants is 1500 parts per million. Anything more and you can deprive your cannabis of oxygen, and any less the results will be negligible.

Maintain the Perfect Growing ConditionsMaintain Control

Temperature, humidity, and pH are vital to growing healthy plants that will produce the biggest flowers. It’s a constant balancing act to maintain optimal conditions. That’s why it’s it’s great to keep daily records in a growing journal so you can be mindful of trends. From my experience, optimal ranges are:

  • pH: 6.0 – 6.8
  • Temperature: 70° – 85° F
  • Humidity: 50 – 70%

Use Pruning to Increase Yieldspruning

Probably the quickest win, and the one that will show the most dramatic results is pruning. Removing bigger leaves, so light reaches the bottom leaves, helps to even out the plant. And using pruning techniques such as topping force your plant to grow more flowers. Pruning and training your plants is one of the easiest ways to get more cannabis from the plant.

Increase the Size of Your Root ZoneRoot Zone

Plants are a lot like fish—they’ll only grow as big as the tank you put them in will allow. By putting your plants in bigger pots, you will be able to grow monstrous plants. Another way to increase your root zone is by leaving them in the vegetative stage for a bit longer.

The roots are how your plants are going to absorb the nutrients that you feed them. Increasing the size of your root zone is not where you should stop. You also want to make sure your plant’s roots are as healthy as possible. You can do this by using root stimulators and by being sure to not over fertilize.

If you put more nutrients in the soil then the roots can handle, a salt buildup will start to occur. This will prevent the plant from being able to use any of the nutrients. If you suspect you’ve overfertilized, flush your growing medium as soon as possible.

Make the Switch to LED Lightsweed-wallpaper

Simply put, LED lights are the future of growing. Plants don’t need watts or lumens to grow. What they need is a very specific light wavelength known as photosynthetic active radiation (PAR). Other grow lights use wavelengths that fall outside this 400-700 nanometer wavelength. Meaning most of light isn’t even used by the plants. With LED lights, though, your cannabis will get more out of fewer watts.


There are more tips and tricks that will increase your yield then I can count. These are just the low-hanging fruit that you can deploy immediately to see better results from your garden. Never stop testing, and make sure to take copious amounts of notes. If you never stop learning, your new harvest will always be better than the last!