Online dispensaries run Canada marijuana.

Online dispensaries are a growing force in Canada’s medical marijuana scene. Relaxing regulations and the prospect of fully legalized weed make online and mail order dispensaries very attractive. Medical patients and recreational consumers alike find themselves looking to online distributors.

The recent moves towards legalizing recreational marijuana are stirring the pot. Cannabis producers, entrepreneurs and investors are clamoring to get in on the Green Rush. But with so many people trying to make a buck, it can be hard to see the benefits to everyday patients and consumers.

But online dispensaries offer patients many benefits over the black market and location-based sales. So here are the 5 ways online dispensaries help patients:

1. Convenience

Let’s face it, we don’t always want to put pants on just to pick up some weed. Other times we are simply too far away for the trip to make sense. Not only that, but physical dispensaries have working hours and people to deal with. Online dispensaries are open 24 hours a day and deliver.

Delivery options might sound uninteresting until you consider those without easy access to transportation. Over 3.6 million Canadians live with disabilities that might impair their ability to drive. So having the option to have their prescription delivered means actually getting it.

2. Privacy

There is still a lot of stigma around marijuana. Not everybody is comfortable with other people seeing them browsing the weed selection. Others are embarrassed about asking questions or other people overhearing their concerns.

But online ordering has none of those issues. There is nobody watching you browse or compare strains. The transaction also remains anonymous and discrete. This makes online dispensaries the best way to protect your privacy and still obtain safe medicine.

3. Inventory

Local dispensaries work on a supply and demand system. If there is little demand, they can’t afford to devote precious space to carrying a product. Likewise, if there is a limited supply, it can be impossible for them to restock a product that customers loved.

This isn’t to say they do a bad job. It simply means they struggle to maintain a variety of popular and niche products. Most of the issue stems from limited space and buying power. Small shops simply can’t afford to sit on large amounts of product for any length of time.

Online dispensaries don’t have to deal with this problem in the same way. They still have to maintain space and supply but their size allows them to offer more variety in almost every category. These companies often publish massive catalogues of the products they offer which provide a wealth of information.

4. Price

It costs a lot of money to rent a location, pay employees to be there regardless of traffic, obtain permits and provide security. Online dispensaries don’t have to deal with those issues and can pass those saving on to their customers.

Online dispensaries have the advantage of being able to purchase in high volume. There are also several tax loopholes that allow online companies to lower their cost even further. Combined, these factors allow online distributors to obtain the same product as a physical location but at a lower price.

5. Options

Physical locations run out of extracts or other cannabis products regularly. Even if they have supply, they may only stock one or two options for each category. So patients have to choose between a poorly matched product or nothing at all.

Online dispensaries carry a large variety of edibles, oils, extracts, flower and everything else under the sun. It makes sense for them to offer the widest selection possible as well because of how steep the online competition is. Every option they give is another reason to look online for your next marijuana purchase.

Do you purchase marijuana from an online pharmacy? Have you tried to in the past? What kind of experiences have you had? Let us know why you buy marijuana from online dispensaries in the comment section!