Let’s focus on why we are here today: cannabis and looking at some beautiful flower while we are at it.
Girl Scout Cookies is the daughter of a cross between the mystery genetics of an OG Kush and the pure sativa African land-race strain Durban Poison. This resulting hybrid strain is labelled as 20% Indica and 80% Sativa. The sativa effects are certainly dominant, making it great for times when creative thinking is needed. Because of the way the strain genetics developed, it thrives best when its roots are not confined, making outdoor growing ideal. Growers can expect a medium yield from this plant in about 8 weeks indoors or early October outdoors.

There are many different phenotypes of the Girl Scout Cookies strain including Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies. The largest reason for this is the way the original growers protected their genetics: hording. Pretty much all of the ‘cuts’ are the result of unstable genetics in the early years. That’s a fancy way to say that the plants used to hermaphrodite easily and often. The seeds that subsequently made it into bags were the basis for most if not all of the versions of the strain outside of the California based originator CookieFam.

This sample is the Berner Cut, one of the more popular and most recognized variants. This flower expresses its beauty in twisting green calyxes draped in crystallized purple leaves and fiery orange hairs. The quality of this flower made filming it a real treat. I couldn’t help but be drawn to the dark leaves that juxtaposed the nearly white trichomes. The duet of opposites pervades this strain in award winning fashion. As a multi-time winner of cannabis cups, Girl Scout Cookies has the quality of the genetics growers and consumers are looking for.

Effects: The most potent effect was a combination of relaxation and creative happiness. The uplifted creativity that accompanies the mental stimulation of a sativa is truly present. Late onset body effects complement the euphoria promised by the overwhelmingly crystallized flower structure. There is a bell curve of productivity as the OG Kush genetics stack up and can overcome the most motivated person with an inescapable desire to chillax.
This is a great strain to relieve stress and depression as it gives me the ability to focus on solving challenges rather than overcoming obstacles. The sativa dominant mental high makes life’s troubles seem less oppressive.

Source: Cannabend
Location: 3312 N Highway 97 Hours: M-F (9-7) Sat (11-7) Sun (11-5) Price: $45 (1/8)
Located in beautiful Bend Oregon, Cannabend is a one stop cannabis shop with a massive variety of premium products. Do you like edibles? Cannabend has Oregon’s largest selection of infused products east of the Cascades. Their selection of CBD only products piqued my interest and will be a subject I will be learning more about. My tender was knowledgeable and efficient while being approachable and treated my wife and I both like valued clients.

Labs: Green Leaf Labs Gas Chromatography 27.2%THC 0.76%CBD

Structure: Shape: Consistent Popcorn Size: 1-1.5g and 1-1.5” Ea. Trim: Top Quality
This is a fantastic strain and a beautiful specimen. The amount of beautiful trichomes covering the dense and sticky nuggets was amazing. Every bud looked like it had been created for the express purpose of tempting me.
Flavor: Smell: Mild Sweet Earthy Taste: Sweet Earthy/Well Purged Cure: Mediocre/+h2o
This flower burned to a clean light grey ash with no popping or crackling, showing that the grower made sure to properly purge his plants of built up nutrients. The smell and flavor were both sweet and earthy but not very strong, a step behind the outstanding THC percentage and bud structure. The issue likely comes from a slight over-hydration of the buds. I was able to twist the stem more than 360 degrees before it finally snapped. It appears that the product was not given the needed time to draw the residual moisture out of the stems before being sold to the dispensary.

Labs 2.8/3 Structure: 2.75/3 Flavor: 2.3/3
Final: 7.85/10