Do you consume medibles?

If you do, you will know that there is an abundance of sweets out there that have been infused with cannabis. Things like brownies, cupcakes, hard candy and cookies are everywhere. Now for those of us without diabetes or with a sweet tooth, that’s not a bad thing. For everyone else, it can be difficult to stick to a diet or maintain proper blood sugar when the ONLY options are sugared treats. There is a distinct lack of common alternatives to the sugar infused products but they do exist. Part of this lack of representation is due to the poor sales that sugar free versions of common treats experience and a limit on shelf space for dispensaries looking to provide the most needed products to their clients. The lack of options also comes from a mix of all kinds of factors including things like flavor and shelf-life to production scaling and distribution limitations.

While I love sweets, I’m not always ready to down a whole box of chocolate truffles to get my medication. That is where Green Cuisine comes in with their edibles for adults. With products like Bacon Jerky, Stoney Aioli and Stoney Pepperoni, they aren’t your usual medible. I can get a shot of protein with my medication instead of simply sugar. That’s not to say its sugar free, the bacon jerky is covered in a layer of maple syrup for instance but they don’t claim to be. This is food made by people with a passion for food, for people with a passion for food. Try saying that three times fast, lol. With a focus on meat over pastries, we look forward to seeing their company and product lines grow to serve the needs of Oregonians. They are even finishing work on a Stoney Salami that sounds delicious.

So why should you care about this company from Beaverton Oregon? Simple, their product is the real deal. Green Cuisine took 3rd place for their category in the Oregon Medical Cup with Bacon Jerky. Not only that, but their hand-made Pepperoni and Aioli are off the charts in terms of flavor. Let me just take a few moments to describe my experience with the Stoney Pepperoni.

…as I opened the bag I was greeted with a waft of spicy deliciousness that instantly made my mouth begin to water. The first slice of pepperoni I extracted from the bag was a perfect little bite sized piece that rolled nicely around in my hand. The smell filled the room and my wife commented “Mmmm, what’s that? Can I have some?” before I handed her a second almost identical slice. As we popped the morsels into our mouths our eyes lit up and met in a shared moment of excitement. The flavor was a hot kind of spicy with plenty of sweetness mixed in. There was a mild heat that maximized flavor without being overwhelming that continued even after we swallowed the last of the tender pepperoni. A few seconds after swallowing the hint of cannabis can be detected, reflecting the dosing of ~5mg THC/bite…

I thought the pepperoni was even better than the Bacon Jerky but let me just titillate your taste buds and ignite your imagination by telling you that the Bacon Jerky reminded me of a bacon Mcgriddle with THC. The thick-cut apple wood bacon is coated with cannabis and flavor infused maple syrup before being dehydrated to just the right level. The result is a bacon jerky that is dry to the touch which keeps things clean and crumbly on the tongue which is satisfyingly sweet and salty.

We caught up with Green Cuisine at the Salem Oregon THC Fair but you can request them at your local dispensary today or contact them yourself at or We can’t wait for them to be carried by our local dispensaries and we hope you get to experience them also. Thanks for reading.