There are a literally dozens  of options when it comes to purchasing weed. With over 25 dispensaries within driving distance, I have found myself driving past most of them on my way to my favorite.

There is technically no wrong way to choose a dispensary but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend months going to a dispensary that is a bad fit for you. Whether it’s the culture or pricing structure, companies work very hard to make themselves inviting to their clients. Going to any dispensary should provide high quality products at an industry-wide price point.

I say should because experience has taught me that some companies fail to provide adequate service in one or more of five key categories. I have found that things like location, price, selection, environment and emotion are the main categories that either keep people coming back or get them to go down the road.

I set out to discover why other people stopped by Central Organics.

Location: “I just have to cross the road and boop, I’m here. Why would I go across town?” Jeremy told me before heading home to smoke his latest eighth of Cinex.

There is something special about having somewhere close to pick up.  Only having to walk down the street to pick up a bag is a world of difference from driving over 50 miles for the same pick up.

Having to drive across town or into a difficult to reach location can make a routine trip into a waking nightmare every time you have to do it.

Price: “I come in for the specials. Since my income is limited, I have to pick and choose my purchases and Central Organics has the best deals in town. This quality would have been $30-$40 from anywhere else. ” Teresa told me as she held her purchase out to show off how much weight (3 grams) she had managed to get for her $20.

We don’t all have an unlimited budget for weed. Some people have the blessing of getting to choose the top shelf but if you are on a budget, the choice becomes much more limited. I love dispensaries that offer products at a price that people can afford on a fixed income like Central Organics does.

Dispensaries have such a wide range of clients to serve that they have to choose which will be catered to most. A dispensary that is trying to establish an elite client list is not the best place for a person with a small budget. Cheap doesn’t need to mean bad either and I love that the owners go out of their way to get the highest quality product they can.

Selection: “Dabs hurt my lungs so I prefer to smoke flower. It doesn’t feel as harsh and it keeps it natural. I like that it’s not got chemicals like propane or butane that needs to be purged.” Cory, a client of my favorite dispensary Central Organics said before heading out with some of the Friday $5 special.

If you get overexcited on dabs, buying flower or edibles may be an alternative for you. If a dispensary doesn’t have a decent selection of flower to choose from, you may have to purchase product that doesn’t provide the right effects. How many are enough strains to pick from is a personal choice but I like to at least have options. That means cheap weed for a few dollars a gram and top-shelf flower. I may not always purchase top shelf buds, but their presence pulls me often enough that I routinely buy single grams with my normal flower purchases.

Without a few options in each category, I find myself struggling with feelings of restricted access.  I recognize that having a hundred strains available is out of most dispensaries realm of feasibility but having less than a dozen strains is disappointing. My magic number is somewhere between 15 and 30 strains with an even disbursement of sativa, indica and hybrid.

Environment: “I love how everyone feels like family.” Allen, another customer said after getting a CO2 cartridge.

Some people feel at home in an art salon while others feel at home in a pipe shop. If you are the kind of person who rocks extreme clothing or visible body-modifications, going into a shop looking to appeal to college frat boys or cowboys has a high probability of making you uncomfortable. Likewise, if all the employees are cute girls who don’t smoke, trying to get reliable product information can be impossible.

I love that the tenders at Central Organics are knowledgeable about weed and helpful. The owners vetted each member of the team. As growers and consumers, the owners Mike and Shawna take medical patients and non-licensed users seriously and want to provide everyone the highest quality experience possible.

Emotion: “I just like the way it feels in Central Organics, I can’t really say what it is exactly.” Alley told me after getting her first gram of shatter.

I can deal with a lot of issues and smile through but there are some things that simply set me off. Ignoring me or copping an attitude when I ask questions instantly makes my blood boil. Likewise, there are some places I go simply to calm and center myself.

The last thing I get when I walk into Central Organics is drama. The good vibes and happy faces lighten my day and the tenders always have just the right thing for what ails me. When I walk out, I can’t think of a time yet when I haven’t had a smile on my face. I hope you get the chance to stop by and check them out. Until next time, thanks for reading.