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We have been searching high and low for some of the best medibles available in Oregon so we can try them out and let our readers know if it’s worth their hard earned money to go get some themselves. A few weeks ago we turned you on to some excellent Peanut Butter Cups from Miss Mack’s and we wanted to dive a little deeper into her product line for you today. There are some real gems to be had from this delectable delicatessen but like any menu, there are favorites.

When we caught up with Miss Mack, we had a variety of options to choose from. She had several versions of her delectable cups, crispy treats, hard candies and more. After spending some time talking about our experiences and usage, we decided on several samples. We picked up Miss Mack’s Fruity Pebbles Treat (which took 3rd in the Oregon Cannabis Cup last year), some Cherry Hard Candies and a CBD Toasted Coconut Fudge Cookie.

While we tried all of our samples, the one we liked the most was the Fruity Pebble Treat. The soft and silky texture caressed my tongue while the cannabis flavor took a back seat to the sweetness of the treat. Besides having a wonderful texture and flavor, the potency was higher than I expected. With over 600mg of THC per treat, it took me almost a week and a half to go through a single treat. One or two bites were all I needed to get the right dosage for my body.

After almost 2 weeks of munching and crunching on the tasty marshmallow treat it was still somewhat soft. This was a surprise to me as any time I have ever made one myself they became structurally similar to diamond after only a day or two. Needless to say, I was impressed with the whole experience.

Our excellent experience with the Fruity Pebble Treat was in stark contrast to the Cherry Hard Candy which started out with a great flavor and slowly shifted to a full on cannabis oil flavor by the end. If you like the taste of cannabis, there should be no issue but I found it to be overpowering by the end of the candy. I actually found that a half piece provided a better flavor experience but still suffered from the flavor swap. The dosing for the candies was strong enough to provide relief with one piece if you can stand the cannabis oil element long enough to absorb it all. Once the flavor became too intense for me, I simply swallowed the rest and was just fine.

In terms of potency, I have absolutely no complaints. From the 20mg dosing of the Hard Candy to the 620mg dosing of the Fruity Pebble Treat, there is a good range of potency for all tolerance levels to benefit from. I felt the effects within an hour and found them to be powerful enough that I absconded from smoking which is not common for me. I will usually wash a medible down with a bowl for that fast acting element since it talks significantly longer for eaten cannabis to take effect. With Miss Mack’s Medibles, there was no need, they seemed to act faster than other treats I’ve sampled which was nice.

All in all we love Miss Mack’s offerings and hope you get the chance to try them out for yourself. We especially loved her Fruity Pebble Treats and Peanut Butter Cups. The silky texture, soft structure and delightful taste of her treats were excellent in a stacked field of competitors. Make sure to request Miss Mack’s Medibles in your local dispensary if they aren’t there yet. We love them and know you will too. Thanks for reading.