Tahoe OG x Lemon Lime Kush or Tahoe OG x Lemon Joy (Shatter)

Lemon Lime Kush is created by crossing Tahoe OG with Lemon Joy. The resulting hybrid is also known as Lemon Lime Tahoe. It can also gain this moniker if it is crossed again with a Tahoe OG. NW Kind doesn’t release their strain history information so we can’t be sure as to the specific lineage of the strain.


Source: NW Kind through Diamond Tree Madras.

They had just hit the shelves that day and my tender was quick and knowledgeable. Check in was simple for me but the system can get caught up on uncommon or difficult names. Regardless, it was fast and friendly in the shop lined with jars & pictures of weed.

The packaging was really spectacular. I loved the inclusion of the mountain in the front flap mixed with the gold star graphic. The whole package felt awesome and commanded my attention sitting next to the rest of the packaging. The interior flaps really hit the NW flavor with their image and associated text. NW Kind kept it relatively simple, organic and attractive.

THC% & CBD %66.72% THC       .93% CBD

Juniper Labs tested this product less than a month before it landed in my hands.

The Central Oregon based lab is one of very few licensed to test recreational product. The cost of testing has increased by nearly 300% for many producers over the last year.

Contributors to the increases include additional regulations, larger sample requirements and prohibitively expensive equipment/certifications. Many growers who have operated in the black market for years have been forced out of the legal market by insurmountable costs and regulations respite

While a little on the low side for concentrates in Oregon (most hover closer to 70%), this concentrate got me lit very quickly. The clarity and consistency of this shatter was wonderful to use.

The CBD wasn’t high enough for pain relief but did help the indica dominant effects take a stronger and longer hold. Even with a few aches and pains, I didn’t feel much of a relief off of this sample. All in all, it wasn’t enough CBD to matter.

Effects: Slowly creeps up on you.

Starts in the back and crawls over the back of the head until migrating down the face. Somewhat sleepy and very relaxing. The high lasts a good hour or two before peaking.

I ended up feeling fairly creative while on this strain. There was a decent level of indica sluggishness throughout my body. I was able to maintain my concentration towards achieving a goal but constantly found myself drawing a blank and simply staring for a moment before realizing I had stopped.

Lemon Lime Tahoe also produces a rather chatty high. I found myself getting lost in conversation with my wife as the topic was routinely sidetracked. We talked about whatever came to mind before cycling back to our original topic. That mostly consisted of the nature of the universe and plans for the future.


Smell: There was only a little smell while in the jar.

The Lemon Lime Tahoe’s smell was mostly sweet and floral but not very potent. When dabbed, the potency bloomed to a pleasantly potent bouquet. The smell morphed when vaporized to a sweet and strongly floral aroma. I found the olfactory response upon exhale to be like breathing out a mild potpourri.


Flavor: The flavor was sweet and refreshing.

The floral element was strong enough to dominate the palate. I was pleased to not feel the nasal bite I often do when exhaling slowly. The hit was smooth and consistent throughout the hit.

nw-kind-lemon lime-tahoe-4

Structure: The concentrate came in a solid sheet that was honey-like in color.

Many of the local competitors produce a significantly darker product than what the NW Kind crew turns out regularly. When I moved the shatter into my storage tub, it came off of the wax paper in a single solid slab without a hassle. I wasn’t bombarded with debris while chiseling a dab off or trying to scoop up slime.