Strain Review: Purple Drank

Purple Drank an indica dominant strain from Riot Seeds.

Grown and later stabilized from a line of genetically unstable Girl Scout Cookie clones, Grape Drink by Riot Seeds is a true purple strain. This means that the plant will produce a deep purple color regardless of growing conditions.

The vibrant hues come from a natural overproduction of Anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are a group of around 400 water-soluble pigment molecules that are classed as flavonoids, and appear red, purple or blue according to their pH level. All cannabis produces them naturally but this strain produces enough to unbalance its pigmentation and remain a beautiful purple that leans towards black.

Purple Drank 11

Source:I picked up this beautiful little flower from Diamond Tree in Madras Oregon.

Every time I head in to the Madras location, I am greeted by professional and enthusiastic budtenders. The check-in process is nice and quick while the tenders are knowledgeable about their products. These make stopping in a real treat.

Locating the store is easy as the building is a repurposed gas station. The interior of the station is clean and the overall feeling is in line with their corporate persona. Prices are also pretty competitive although the premium products price reflects their premium placement. The Purple Drank I picked up wasn’t the most expensive thing on the shelf but was the most beautiful to look at.

I really love that Diamond Tree weighs out product on the spot. It doesn’t matter if I walk in looking for an eighth or only have $20, I can walk out with the flower I am looking for. This makes a huge difference for people on a budget or who have cash. Granted, they have an ATM if you need more cash but I will normally change my purchase if the product I want costs more than what I have on me.

Purple Drank 17

Lab: MRX Labs   THC:17.65%    CBD: 1.79%

This had a surprisingly potent high that spread throughout my body.

While I kept my mind busy, I felt confident and articulate. Once I was no longer mentally engaged, waves of weariness washed over me. With under 20% THC, this strain is on the lower end of the THC spectrum. The 1.79% CBD on the other hand, is a respectable number for a strain that isn’t dedicated to producing it. There is enough CBD to give some relief to chronic pain conditions while still delivering a strong mental high.

I always check to see how the flower burns down. Doing so can tell you a lot about how the grower finished their product. The main element to look at in the ash is the color. The lighter the final color the better as it shows that everything was burned. If there are residual nutrients left in the flower after harvest, it will be darker after getting burned. Sometimes overly dense flower can also darken into small rock-like chunks. Grinding will normally fix any issues with density.

I was happy to see that the Purple Drank was super clean. The whole flower burned down to a clean light grey powder when ground. There was no evidence of residual nutrients left in the flower. The terpenes also came through loud and clear from this flower and left me looking for more.

Purple Drank 4

Structure: I loved the relaxing and potent high that this Purple Drank provided.

I was particularly impressed with the overall shape and color of the nugs as well. The deep purple of the bullet shaped nugs was beautiful and the trim job made the color stand out even more.The trim was outstanding and stood out compared to all of the other products on the shelf next to it. I had to just stare at the nugs for a long time before smoking them. The vibrant hues of the flower mesmerized me for a long time. I eventually loaded a bowl and learned just how dense this flower was. To call this a rock would be an understatement.

The incredible density of the flower made the idea of nug stuffing feel foolish. The nugs were so dense it was almost impossible to even draw air through the piece without breaking them up. Even after breaking them up by hand the little nugs refused to let air pass through the piece right. I had to break out my trusty grinder to create enough surface area to burn it correctly. Once I did grind up this Purple Drank, the aroma was splendid and the smoking experience were unbelievable.


Flavor: Just opening the Purple Drank jar was enough to get a powerful punch of terpenes indicating a proper cure.

I couldn’t resist sticking my nose into the jar which returned a potent smell of Piney, Sweet and Sour. Breaking up the nug released some of the terpenes trapped inside but it wasn’t until I ground it that the smells really came to life.

The Pinene was still the most common terpene once I got a whiff of the pulverized material. Once I took out a nug and broke it up to grind, the smell transitioned. The sour element dropped away to leave the sweet and piney smell alone. Sparking it up revealed no sparkles or other indications of residual chemicals or nutrients.

The sweet smelling ground pulp provided a woody and robust flavor of smoke that was potent while remaining pleasant. As the flower burned, the flavor was consistent throughout the hit and disappeared  shortly after exhaling. The woody flavor was the most powerful during the hit by far but there remained a sweet undertone to the smoke throughout.

Effects: I felt the onset of effects within 5 minutes.

It started behind my eyes and worked its way over my scalp and down the back of my neck into my spine. The high lasted about 1.5 -2 hours before it started to fade away. Control was easy to maintain and I was clear headed enough to react to unexpected stress appropriately.

This flower was a real bedtime strain. It knocked me out in the middle of writing e-mails for a few minutes. I was able to keep myself awake if I stood up and walked around every few minutes but the beckoning of oblivion continued to hover in my periphery as I smoked throughout the day.

Overall a rather relaxed strain without a major mood change associated with it. I found it to be a great strain to help calm down for bed and simply be. Certainly not good for people looking for something energetic but could be perfect for someone fighting insomnia or otherwise needing a little relaxation. Thanks for reading.