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Our focus today will be on the hybrid flower known as Razz Fizz. This is an offshoot of the traditional Razpberry Kush strain and has many of the same properties but ending on a more hybrid note. The plant grows medium tall with broad leaves. The dense, dark green buds can take on a purplish hue as they mature and always display a frosty coating of crystals. Harvest of this hardy plant happens in about 9-10 weeks in soil or hydroponic systems.

Effects: This hybrid provides a decent body high while also giving a mild case of couch-lock. The mental stimulation allows for minor problem solving and repetitive tasks but can make the mind a bit slow for active situations or focus driven tasks. I found this strain perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. It let me relax my body and rest my mind after a day of high-intensity social interactions. I found it very difficult to maintain trains of thought long enough to effectively problem solve. It was a nice strain at the end of the day because it let me distance myself from the over-analyzation of conversations I’m prone to and just relax.

Source: The Medication Station

As one of the only places that take a card, this little shop in downtown Bend Oregon is really convenient. The prices are competitive with the market and they have put a lot of energy into providing the best customer experience they can. Another bonus is that they weigh on the spot which makes life easier for me. It’s great to be able to grab 2 or 4 grams at a time instead of having to choose from units of 3.5 like some other dispensaries do.

Labs: 3B Analytical    Gas Chromatography      22.89%THC          0.08%CBD

Hovering just under 23%, this flower has a heavy punch for its size. The lack of CBD does reduce its effectiveness at pain relief but it lets it focus on delivering the most THC possible. 3B is dedicated to quality control and accuracy. They describe their process so,

” We dry the sample to determine percent moisture, and then homogenize the sample to ensure the release of cannabinoids into a suitable suspension for analysis.  The sample is processed through a centrifuge and filtration to remove insolubles and other components unrelated to the medical properties of cannabis.  The solution is injected into the gas chromatograph and separated on a column by volatility.  Known concentrations of THC derivatives are used in a stringent quality control to ensure our equipment is always calibrated and the results are accurate.”

So next time you are looking to get product tested, think about taking it to 3B Analytical.

Structure: Shape: Chunky   Size: 1-2.5g and .5-2” Ea.          Trim: Nice

This chunky flower has some fat little nugglets. With a density almost perfect for nug-stuffing, it made me question going through the effort of grinding it up beforehand. When I tried to grind it initially, this Razz Fizz resisted by tearing more than grinding as it normally would. All of the nugs were almost spherical in shape which made me want to get into a snowball fight with nugs for some reason. I resisted but the temptation was real.

Flavor: Smell: Sweet fruity Taste: Sweet/Well Purged  Cure: Very Nice

The light scent is dominated by sweet and fruity elements. The Fizz comes on like carbonation in the nose, refreshing on the uptake and slightly citrus the way it tickles the tip of the nose. The terpenes on this flower are on point, giving off a wonderful and textured bouquet of sweet, citrus and slightly floral elements like Linalool and Limonene with hints of Pinene and Terpinolene.

There was a slight excess of moisture which made it want to tear and rip instead of snap and shred. Since I go through a sample in only a few days, I didn’t have any real issues arise but if I intended to buy more than a weeks’ worth, I would need to air it out a little or risk developing mold. All things told, this was a great flower.