What is your take on vape?

Vape pens to be more specific. I ask you what your take is because like me, you probably have little to no experience with vaping pens. So choosing a vape pen with all the different choices and options can be a daunting task.

This past month at the THC Fair I caught up with the Dab Doctor to discuss vaping and vape pens. The Lift Vape pen was introduced to me along with our discussion and the quote “Vape pens done right” I got a sense of sincerity that he expressed during our discussion. After taking the lift vape home and opening the package I could see why he was so passionate.

The Lift Vape comes in a nice little gift box case with an instruction booklet, a micro usb charge cord, dab tool, replacement o-rings, and a one year warranty. I go right to the instruction booklet and find the section on charging. The booklet recommends charging for at least six hours before initial use. Key word (recommends) as some do get a charge to test and may not need charged for a full six hours. My Lift Vape only charged for twenty minutes and then went off.  I tried again and it only stayed charging for another ten minutes. Not wanting to ruin or break such a nice vape pen I unplugged it.

With my Lift Vape pen charged and ready I am eager to review this product. Upon initial inspection you can see the quality and durability behind the design of The Lift Vape. As I grasp the pen it feels heavier and has a larger diameter than most other vape pens making for a comfortable/secure grip, feel, and hold to the pen.

The Lift Vape pen has a glass dome but not your typical glass dome. This is a little misleading and careful design has gone into this dome: as it is not shaped like a dome at all but rather a cylindrical shaped top. Removal and breakage of the dome is not an issue as with most other domed vape pens. They can feel dainty and are easily broken while removing the dome as I am sure some readers have experienced. After removal of the dome I am surprised to see there are no coils down in the bowl or visible heating element.

The Lift Vape has an open bowl design. This is a simple and intelligent bowl yet with lack of coils making it more durable and also resulting in superior terpene flavor profile and taste.

With a little vape pen use with almost any vape pen one can tell you that airflow can and is an issue. Not with the Lift vape pen as you can clearly hear air flowing through the pen as you take a hit. Airflow design and lacking airflow can and is a challenge for many vape pens out there. I think The Lift Vape has handled this issue very well.

Along with airflow being a concern for your hit most vape pens have an eight second timer that sometimes just is not enough time to get a decent pull from the pen. The lift Vape has also improved on this design by giving you twenty seconds to vape. Coupled with the improved airflow I was getting nice smooth pulls from The Lift Vape.

As you can tell, I really like this pen. You can get your hands on a Lift Vape from Dr. Dabber HERE.