The Bend THC Fair was a success, for the most part.

Three days before the event the OLCC decided to push a measure that made it so the vendors could not give out marijuana samples that contained THC. This felt like a major blow to small businesses because they relied on this local event to help push their businesses forward. On October 22, vendors were greeted by the THC Fair staff and a member of the OLCC who hovered around like a ghost making sure no vendors were giving out samples. The presence of the OLCC was not needed, the THC Fair staff handled their event professionally, and the security on staff were professional and did their job well.

Bend THC Fair

Over 70 vendors showed up to the event!

Even though the OLCC seems to be going out of their way to stop the progress of cannabis legalization, the THC Fair managed to pull off a good expo. For example, ‘2 Dye 4 Creations’ is a small business dedicated to educating the public and creating medicinal products with pure THC. Torri W. stands by her immense research to help patients understand their ailments and assist them with the proper treatments. Not able to give out sample has hurt her business, but she was still there standing strong and educating the public on the medicinal benefits of thc.

Various businesses were there; including Central Organics Alternative Healthcare, The Herb Center, The Medication Station and more, even from out of town. Everyone was cheerful and inviting, there was a plethora of interesting conversations and pieces. There was a booth from ‘Coboo Pipes’, run by Kevin S. They are not local but they brought interesting and fun items to the fair. It was fun to see the different pipes and water pieces made from different colored woods and metals. His pieces had 24kt lining in the bowls, with magnets in between the mouth pieces and the bowl pieces, this has a screen in between to prevent pieces of burning embers shooting to the back on a smoker’s throat. The water pieces don’t have the same issue of burning embers so they don’t need the screen filter, but the bowls are still lined with 14kt gold and the sparkle with the wood look make anyone wish they had any one of these pieces into their collection.