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We have a special device to show off today. As a daily smoker I am concerned that even if cannabis doesn’t actively hurt my body, the secondary effects of smoking can decrease my overall health. Granted, I have no intention of decreasing my cannabis intake, I am always interested in cleaning up my act.

Enter the Perfect Pipe. This piece is designed from the ground up to be the cleanest way to smoke cannabis. From the size and density of filters to the material of the rubberish caps, everything about this deceptively smooth design is top notch. After getting one in my hands, I haven’t even looked at the rest of my glass collection when smoking alone. This personal piece has impressed me more than any other piece I have purchased in the last few years.

The Perfect Pipe is like a glass joint or chillum in general shape which makes it perfect for on the go smoking. It may be a bit small for social smokers though as the bowl delivers about 4-5 hits before needing reloaded. The Perfect Pipe is treated as a system rather than a piece meaning that there is more than just a glass tube. The creator thought of everything from removable caps that let you pack and store a bowl before leaving the house to the specialized drill for removing the disposable filters. With over 40 years of scientific glass experience, the Perfect Pipe creator has created something I feel is very special. Let me tell you about some of my favorite elements from the Perfect Pipe and why I am so impressed.

The first thing to notice is that the piece is dry. In this day and age of chubblers and pendant dab rigs, it seems everything uses water. Keeping a pipe dry can actually be much healthier because it makes the inside of the piece less hospitable to microorganisms that live on decaying plant matter. While bong water will help trap particulates and reduces temperature of the smoke, it allows for the putrefaction of the plant matter and over time can grow harmful mold and bacteria.The perfect pipe avoids this problem by staying dry.

The Perfect Pipe doesn’t give up on filtering though. There are disposable filters used to prevent particulate from entering your lungs. These filters are designed to be changed each bowl and I found that it was exactly big enough to filter a single bowl. The included hand drill makes removal of old filters clean and easy. While the naturalist in me cringes at the idea of so much waste, it filters smoke so much better than water that I can overlook the environmental impact disposable filters have on the planet.

This brings us to a point about cleaning. The Perfect Pipe has a system designed around keeping the pipe in optimal smoking condition. The tube design and included pipe cleaner made cleaning as easy as running the pipe through some Isopropyl alcohol and rinsing it with antibacterial soap and water.

Screen replacement was easier than other pieces as well as the drill easily reverses and pops it out without getting hands nasty. I also love that there is a small shoulder designed to catch just the edges of the screen. This makes it so the Perfect Pipe can’t clog (and believe me, I tried to clog it) from over-packing the bowl.

The Perfect Pipe also uses a stainless steel screen to act as the base of the bowl and keep you from choking on weed chunks if you forget to add the disposable filter. While a screen is reported by Perfect Pipe to last close to 50 bowls, I replace them at around the 25 bowl point because I can’t stand a dirty piece, even if it is still functional. Most people can expect a solid 50 bowls before the piece could use maintenance though.

The final point that I want to bring up is about portability. Cannabis smoking can be a complex ritual with a plethora of devices and can involve dozens of steps. If you can’t smoke at home finding somewhere to smoke can be a real challenge. This is compounded when you are trying to lug around bulky equipment like bongs and grinders. The Perfect Pipe comes with high-temp plastic caps that allows you to drop it in your pocket with a bowl already packed. Once it’s smoked, pop on the caps and it can drop back in a pocket with no fear of getting ash everywhere.

In conclusion, the Perfect Pipe is great for clean, on-the-go smoking. The system is designed for people who are interested in the cleanest smoking experience with minimal hassle. While it may be too small for social smoking, this piece delivers an excellent smoking experience in a potent little package. Let us know if you have one and what you think about it in the comments. Thanks for reading.