Are you a stoner looking to celebrate the weed smokers’ holiday? Do you want to make sure your party is the best possible? Follow these 5 quick tips and you will be on your way to an amazing night.

5. Have different ways to consume

One of the best ways to make it feel more like a party, include several ways to consume. Things like gravity bongs, gas masks, vaporizers, dab rigs and medibles all available makes sure that everybody gets to try something novel. Things like knife hits are easier in groups anyway so make sure to grab a buddy to help you take that wicked rip. You can also invite people to bring their own devices if you don’t have a wide selection yourself. Just don’t be surprised to see everyone bring a spoon or chillum unless you specifically instruct them otherwise.

4. Make sure there is music, just not too much

One of my favorite ways to avoid those long awkward silences is by having some jams in the background. Not only does it keep the silence away, it can be a great segway between stoner rants. Just be careful that the music style and level matches the group. Things can go south quickly if some hardcore gangster rap drops in a house full of rednecks so make sure the selection is right. Also, nobody wants to shout over the Fish record you are playing for the umpteenth time, regardless of how much you might like it. Keep the volume so that you can be clearly heard when speaking at a normal conversational volume.

3. Have refreshments

Smoking and talking have a tendency to make people thirsty. It can be really hard to follow that super funny story when I’m planning a trip to the corner market. Having several options available will not only keep people talking, it will make sure there is no motivation to leave the party. This ensures that the party stays put and has a chance to grow. Refreshments aren’t just liquid swallow though. Munchies are the bread and butter of a stoner’s refreshment arsenal. Be sure you are prepared as stoners will often eat significantly more than sober people of their favorite munchies. Trail mix and platters are a good place to start but keep your audience in mind. Busting out the baby carrots and broccoli might not go down so well in a group of junk food fanatics but could make you the cream of the vegan crop.

2. Have the right kind of cannabis

Are you looking to have a big slumber party or the kind of party where memories (i.e. children) are made? The type of cannabis you bring will have a huge impact on how things turn out. If you are packing some heavy Indica like Hindu Kush or Critical Mass, the energy level of your party will be almost non-existent. If, on the other hand, you have sativa dominant strains like Blueberry or Diesel the party will have a chance of getting off the ground. Sativas tend to make people more talkative and energetic than Indicas so make sure you have the right kind of cannabis with you.

  1. Have the right kind of people

We all have that friend we really wish would just stay home. Once they get to the party, we are either their clean-up crew or damage control. These friends are a blast to be around until the inevitable fist fight they start with the clerk in the Krispy Cream over which My Little Pony is the best. When these people show up to your party, everyone else realizes that the chill factor just went out the window. These people may add a level of excitement to an otherwise mild atmosphere but trust me when I say that they cost more energy than they provide. It’s best to keep the energy coming from positive sources with people of similar temperament.