420 is upon us again!DSCN1567_064 (Large)

420 is a special time for stoners. It’s not Easter that gets us excited, it’s April 20th! We gather together and celebrate the things that bring us together on a whole day dedicated to weed.

There is a lot of mystery and magic when it comes to the history of the hookah holiday. But it all comes down to  the idea that a bunch of stoners regularly got together during prohibition to smoke. This year we celebrate those brave souls and toast our good fortune.

But special occasions require special effort. We can’t all go out and buy a new piece every time 420 rolls around. Besides, giving that old bong a good cleaning can make it look, feel and smell like new.

Clean, clean, clean!IMG_20150829_104302

Glass is wonderful because it doesn’t react and give weed an extra flavor. Despite resin not chemically bonding to glass, it will still build up over time. Mix in warm water and/or burned plant matter and you have a breeding ground for mold, bacteria and a host of other fungi.

The buildup contributes an increasingly nasty flavor to the smoke over time. Even rinsing with soap and water won’t fully remove the foul residue. It takes a special blend of science and grit to get it off and glass looking like new. Not everyone is ready to mix their own solutions of isopropyl alcohol and salt.

Because of how hard it is for most people to clean their pieces, tons of companies offer cleaning supplies perfect for impatient or inexperienced stoners. It can be hard to figure out which ones are the best bang for your buck. We’ve tried just about everything available and below we highlight some of the best we found.

Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Kit420


It’s a pain trying to clean the inside of a down stem. The thick buildup inside makes them prime contributors to funky flavor. So having a bottle brush that’s the right size to get in there and clear out resin is important.

These brushes come in three different lengths: 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. This kit is perfect for the stoner with different sized pieces like bongs, pipes and dab rigs. The long handles ensure you can reach through any stem or narrow tube without issue.

These brush kits are also reusable which cuts down on costs and impact on the environment. A little alcohol and these clean right up, ready for the next job. It isn’t uncommon for these brushes to last a year or more if cleaned after use.

Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleanergrunge-off

We don’t all clean our pieces regularly. Some of us would rather buy a new one than deal with the hassle of cleaning a piece of glass. Grunge off understands and is here to help. Their proprietary formula cuts through tough resin and breaks up stuck on gunk.

A soak and a little shaking will strip away everything that isn’t supposed to be there. It also kills germs and bacteria on contact. It leaves pipes clean and sterile when done.

Once everything is clean, simply rinse and enjoy. The solution is reusable if filtered through a coffee filter for extra value. If not, it can be disposed of like any other common liquid.

ResOlution Caps Universal Capsresolution-caps

Most cleaning solutions require intense shaking to work. All that shaking sends fluids flying which can make glass slippery. Often stoners resort to covering holes with their hands, making the entire cleaning process messy and sticky.

But ResOlution caps make cleaning the bong an easy and dry activity. The silicone caps attach over the openings of glass pipes and bongs. They create a tight seal and won’t pop off, even when vigorously shaking the piece.

Once the bong is clean, these caps pop off and store for later use. They make the cleaning process go from funky to fun by keeping you clean. The different sizes ensure a snug fit on any glass bong or dab rig.

Zen Pipe Cleaners420

Cleaning small pipes and dab rigs can be a real challenge. There often isn’t enough room inside the tubes and chambers to get solutions really moving. This is when a flexible pipe cleaner comes in real handy as they bend around corners and clear even the smallest tubes.

Pipe cleaners are called that for a good reason. Use them in conjunction with a cleaning solution to spruce up any hand pipe or intricate bong. Once the pipe is clean, these brushes can be disposed of or rinsed in isopropyl alcohol to use again later.

Hand pipes with sharp corners or odd shapes are notoriously difficult to clean. But armed with a few of these little beauties, no pipe is impossible to clean. They bend and mold around any corner and are soft enough not to scratch most surfaces.

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleanerformula-420

This cleaning solution boasts a one minute cleaning time. It cuts through the thickest resin and burnt on gunk like a hot knife through butter. The formula is safe for glass, metal and ceramic pieces but may cause some plastics to melt.

This stuff works quickly and rinses out cleanly. It can also be used until it is completely permeated with resin. In short, if you can see through it, there is still more cleaning power left in it. Despite the intense cleaning action, it is non-toxic so getting it on you won’t hurt.

At the end of the day, Formula 420 takes the work out of cleaning pipes. It keeps working long past the point when you expect it to quit. It’s a convenient and effective way to keep pipes looking and tasting like new.

Bottle Brush & Pipe Cleaner Setbottle-brushes

If the other brush kits on our list just don’t have the options you demand, this kit is the one for you. It has a variety of lengths and diameters for getting into ANY crevice. The stout bristles ensure solid abrasion while the long handles provide ample leverage.

This 9 piece kit includes synthetic bristled brushes which ensure the right brush for every job. They are perfect for the collector with large and small pieces that regularly need care.

The synthetic construction is strong and lasts through many cleanings. Plus it won’t leave gouges in glass as it cleans. The hanging hooks ensure the brushes are easy to store and provide leverage when you need to twist them.

Orange Chronic Cleanerorange-chronic

Like the other options on our list, this cleaning solution cuts through resin. But unlike the competition, this one comes with a wonderful citrus orange smell. Instead of filling the house with the smell of intense chemicals, this solution fills the air with freshness.

Orange Chronic is made with all natural ingredients. So the orange smell comes from real oranges and the cleaning comes from the natural power of alcohol and salt. You never have to worry about chemicals getting into your weed with this product.

With just a little shaking, pipes and bongs clean up nicely. A quick rinse is all it takes to be ready for more smoking. If your 420 involves smoking tons of weed, using this mid-way through the day will keep the party fresh and flowing.


What’s better than cleaning the resin out of your pipes on a regular basis? How about never having resin build up in the first place? If that sounds good to you, Rezblock is how you can keep your 420 celebrations clean.

Rezblock is a concentrate that goes into bong water before you smoke. It makes the water bind to the outside of resin clumps and so it doesn’t stick to the glass. Because the resin doesn’t stick, a bong can stay clean for a surprising amount of time.

This is a super-concentrated formula. It only takes a few drops to keep a bong looking good for weeks under light use. The small bottle contains enough for about 60 uses!


It can be difficult to find a solution that is safe to use on vaporizers and acrylic pieces. Using the wrong formula can even make certain materials melt! So people with expensive or unique pipes can’t afford to risk cleaning it with just anything.

Zen Master takes the worry out of cleaning delicate pieces. It can safely clean glass, metal, ceramic, vaporizers, hookahs, smoke pipes, water pipes, plastic, and acrylic. A few shakes is all it takes to get those pipes shining like new.

Because of the mild nature of the chemicals used, it can take a bit of soaking for this to get everything off. Using a brush or other abrasive can cut down the amount of time it takes to soak. As long as it has a while to soak, it will take everything off.

We hope your 420 is fun and clean. Have you ever used these cleaners? Let us know in the comments what your experiences have been!