Best Weed T-Shirts for 2018


All stoners have at least one weed related shirt in their closet. They’re fun to wear and remind us of the good ol’ days. The shirts on our list are comfy and are made with good quality materials.

Our list includes shirts that can be worn any time during the year, or on special occasions. But with so many shirts out in the market, we made the choices easy. Our list includes the most popular shirts online.

So take a look below, shop around and feel free to leave a comment. We love to hear what you guys think. And don’t forget to buy a shirt.

  1. Roll It Lick It Smoke It Marijuana Pot Weed Men’s T-Shirt



This shirt is made from a comfy 100% cotton and made in the USA. The design is professionally printed so it will last several washes. This is the most popular shirt online. Just get a size bigger because it will shrink in the wash.

Why It’s Awesome

There are several sizes available. Both men and women like to wear this shirt.


  1. California Republic Flag Men’s T-Shirt



Show your American pride with a badass USA flag. It has a bunch of little green pot leaves for the stars and the joints are in place of the white lines. Under the flag it says, “In weed we trust.” This shirt will turn heads!

Why It’s Awesome

Order your shirt soon for the 420 holidays. Luckily, the company offers fast shipping, within 2-3 days it appears on your doorstep.


  1. tees geek I Like Big Blunts Men’s Funny T-Shirt



Who likes big blunts? We sure do! This shirt doesn’t lie.

Why It’s Awesome

The size chart is accurate. We still recommend purchasing a size bigger because it will shrink in the wash.


  1. Marijuana T-Shirt Hangin’ With My Buds Roach Clips



This is the type of shirt that all homies near you won’t stop eyeballing. It’s humorous and charming. Women and men can wear this shirt almost anywhere. It’s perfect for parties and gifts.

Why It’s Awesome

The print is the same color, but the shirt comes in several different colors. From pink, red, yellow, tie dye and more. Check ‘em out.


  1. United States of Amarijuana 420 Pot Weed Stoner Marijuana Men’s Funny T-Shirt



For those who want to represent their two greatest loves, their country and weed, this shirt is it. The shirt is black with a white print of the American flag. And within the flag are marijuana leaves scattered neatly about.

Why It’s Awesome

The print is professionally made, it won’t quickly fade away.


  1. 420 Pot Smokers Pot Drugs Party Novelty Mens Funny T Shirt



Attention all stoner nerds, this shirt is for you. This shirt expresses a fun and quirky way to announce 420, the stoner’s tea time. There are several colors and sizes available. People tall and short, big or small, they have a shirt for you.

Why It’s Awesome

A group of friends going out to an event can keep an eye on each other if they are all wearing these shirts. They can easily be spotted with these bright shirts.


  1. Couple Matching Best Buds Pot Leaf T-shirt Marijuana Weed



Couples or best friends look great when they run around wearing these of shirts. Couples and friends can wear these shirts in stoner conventions or parties.

Why It’s Awesome

The set of two is interchangeable. You can buy two mens shirts, or two womens shirts, or one of each.


  1. 4:19 Give Me A Minute Mens T-shirt, Funny Trendy Hot Weed Smoking 420 Mens Shirt, Black



For those with a fun sense of humor, this shirt is perfect. The stoner hour is 420, but this shirt says “4:19 Give Me a Minute”. Because a minute is all a person needs to load a bowl just in time to roast on 420. But for many smokers, its 420 all the time.

Why It’s Awesome

The colors are dark so stains and other messes are harder to see.


  1. ShirtBANC Black Addicted Mens Shirt



All stoners know who Cheech and Chong are. This shirt represents them and their “Up in Smoke” title of their old stoner cult classic movie from 1978. The shirt is not pre-shrunk. When put in the wash it will shrink so watch out.

Why It’s Awesome

The logo is large, it almost takes up the entire front section of the t-shirt. The design can be easily seen with the haziest eyes.


  1. Nike Parody “Just Hit It” on BLACK Shirt



This comfy shirt made of 100% cotton and is pre-shrunk! The shirt is black with a green print that is designed after the Nike parody, “Just Hit It” instead of “Just Do It”.

Why It’s Awesome

Going on a trip to Colorado or any one of America’s friendliest Weed States? And, when new stoner friends are taking too long to take a hit, remind them to “Just Hit It” already.



Q: Who wears clothes with cannabis designs on them?

A: A few years ago, only teens and college kids wore these types of shirts. Nowadays, everyone is wearing clothing with marijuana patterns. Pop star, Miley Sirus, was seen carrying a weed clutch. And Cara was spotted wearing a weed tee. Weed clothing and accessories are the new thing. And it’s not going out of style anytime soon.


Q: Are schools allowed to take away cannabis inspired clothing?

A: Technically, check with the school to see if wearing clothes with marijuana designs is acceptable. It may seem like it is an invasion of freedom of speech when kids are wearing that to school and it becomes confiscated. But wearing certain clothes at certain times is a part of society.

We all have the right to wear whatever we want, but it doesn’t come without consequences. Women and men cannot run around naked at 3AM in a bad neighborhood and expect nothing to happen to them. Schools and society are trying to keep kids from doing drugs.

Many people believe that weed is not a drug, but it is currently illegal for kids under 21 years old to have it. So it’s best not to allow kids to wear these types of clothes in school; to keep them from inadvertently encouraging other minors to get a hold of some herb.


Q: Can clothes made from hemp get you arrested?

A: It shouldn’t get you arrested because hemp has no psychoactive or any properties that can get you high. Hemp is not the same as the cannabis people smoke. Hemp is used to make clothes, rope, furniture, and other eco-friendly household products. But Uncle Sam doesn’t know the difference, so watch out and know the number to a good lawyer just in case.


Q: Is weed a man’s industry?

A: Weed used to be predominantly a guy thing. But now power women who love weed are in the scene. They are starting stoner social clubs, parties and host educational events to spread awareness and empower women in cannabis. In LA, there is a group of women who are working to provide a safe space for women to smoke and enjoy their themselves peacefully.


Q: Can companies trademark their cannabis products?

A: No because marijuana is still federally illegal. Patent and Trademark Offices don’t register marijuana retailers or products that contain cannabis. So as long as the products don’t contain marijuana, then items like clothes can become trademarked. But rules change daily, so always double check before applying for a trademark or patent.