Top 10 Best 420 Cleaners


420 Cleaners are products designed to clean resin and old water from used bongs and marijuana pipes. Resin is the waste leftover after each puff of cannabis smoke. Resin is dark brown to black in color and has the same consistency as thick molasses.

Resin is ridiculously hard to remove from glass. It’s just as sticky and hard to get off of skin. Sticky resin doesn’t hurt to touch, unless its fresh hot. Then it feels like magma when you touch it. It can cause serious burns when its bubbling hot.

April 20th is just around the corner, and several people want to show off their collection of fine glass pieces. No one is going to want to smoke out of pieces that look and smell like they were pulled out of the garbage. Let’s get ready for the party by making it easy to find the best cleaners in the market.

Below is our list of the best marijuana cleaners and supplies:


  1. Hiware Drinking Straw Brush Kit – ( 3-size ) 6-piece Straw Cleaner – Cleaning Brush For Multiple Size Straws



All good cleaning kits need a handy brush set. And not just any brush will do. The brushes in this set can get into hard to reach spots. The inside of a bowl from a bong or a pipe is one of the toughest spots to get too.

Sometimes, a cleaning solutions can’t dissolve balls of resin. Having a cleaning brush like these ones are small enough to clean around delicate glass without causing damage.  

Why It’s Awesome

The different sizes work on the smallest glass pipes to standard sized bongs.


2. Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleaner, 16 Ounce (2 Pack)



This product cleans and deodorizes glass pipes. Its ingredients not only cleans the glass but also kills germs on contact. The solution doesn’t require additives, it is ready to go any time. The 16 oz. bottles provide plenty of solution to clean several pipes and a few bongs.

Why It’s Awesome

The company sells packs that are larger like a pack of 4 and a pack of 6. 420 is just around the corner, these bottles can clean a glass collection in no time at all.

3. ResOlution Caps Universal Caps for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor




Anyone who owns a bong will love you for life if you gift these universal caps. These round rubber caps fit on the opening of standard sized bongs. The larger cap is for the mouth opening and the smaller caps are for the bowl openings. Take off the bowl and the small cap fits right on top. When in use they lock in bong water and keep the odors at bay.

Why It’s Awesome

Today we are featuring the green caps but the company sells them in three other colors: black, white, and blue.


4. Zen Bundles Zen Pipe Cleaners Hard Bristle, 132 Count



Cleaning pipe cleaners can be a nightmare of a chore for most people. Luckily, this large set of 132 pipe cleaners will last for a long time. Each pipe cleaner can be thrown away after each use and maybe one or two will be needed to clean each pipe. This type of set makes cleaning glass pipes and bongs a faster process.

This set of 132 pipe cleaners are divided in a set of three. Larger bundle packs of 264 ct. are available online for purchase. These pipe cleaners can be used to clean other things too like old antique radios and they are used in many kids arts and crafts projects.

Why It’s Awesome

They are cheap and disposable. The less cleanup afterwards the sooner stoners get to party.


5. Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack



Within minutes of letting a few glass pipes sit in the solution, the resin just slides off the glass. This is a strong formula that works for its intended purposes. The solution can be poured into a large baggie where the liquid can be reused at least 3 times before the liquid becomes too dirty to use.

Formula 420 claims that little effort is needed to clean glass when using this solution. No scrubbing, soaking or waiting. But people still like to swish the product with their glass in a bag.

Why It’s Awesome

It has an alcohol smell but nowhere near as bad as the full impact of 95% isopropyl alcohol.


6. Houseables Bottle Brush & Pipe Cleaner Set, Bong Scrubber, 9 Pieces, Nylon, Natural & Synthetic Bristles, Small, Long, Soft, Stiff, Cleaning for Water Tubes, Straws, Hookah, Canning Jars, Bird Feeder



This brush kit is perfect for glass collections of all shapes and sizes. This set includes brushes that can clean bongs, pipes, hookahs, water tubes, canning jars and more. This set includes 9 brushes that are strong and flexible. They are wired brushes and can conform into odd shapes.

Why It’s Awesome

The wiring is galvanized, to resist rust. Some brushes are synthetic and others have natural bristles. This suits all our cleaning needs.


7. Orange Chronic Cleaner 16 oz Pack of 2



For immediate results, Orange Chronic rocks. It’s easy to use and cleans bongs and glass pipes quickly. Within minutes the clean pieces are ready to use. The 420 holidays are just around the corner, maybe it’s time to clean out that nasty bong water before your guests arrive.

Why It’s Awesome

There is no after taste or smell. The ingredients are earth friendly.


8. “RezBlock Concentrate by 420 Science – 15ml – Pipe Glass Cleaner “



Not everyone has the time to clean their glass regularly. But resin buildup will cause dirty bong water to accumulate bad smells along with lung and health issues. That’s why RezBlock is on our list.

With a couple drops of this solution in your bong, it will keep resin from building up in your bong. And it will require less trips to the sink for a water change because after a few sessions the bong will still look clean.

Why It’s Awesome

Other sizes are available online for purchase. There is a 3 ml bottle available and a 30 ml bottle available.


9. ALL NATURAL Formula 420 pyrex-glass metal-ceramic cleaner, 2 Bottles, 16 Ounces Each



Anyone looking for an all natural solution to cleaning bongs and glass pipes? Well here it is, the ALL Natural 420 Solution. It can clean pyrex glass and metal-ceramic pieces. Half a bottle is enough to clean a regular sized bong from all of the resin and gunk.

Why It’s Awesome

It smells good and cleans really well within a few minutes.


10. ZEN MASTER GLASS PIPE CLEANER / BONG CLEANER – (32 oz) Value Size Resin & Odor Eliminator Biodegradable Formula – for maintaining your heady glass – 420 & 710 cleaner – removes tar, oil, wax & resin



This is a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution to cleaning bongs and pipes. It restores any old smoking piece to look brand new. Each 32 oz bottle is easy to use. There is no scrubbing required, neutralizes odor and breaks down resin buildup.

Why It’s Awesome

This solution can clean more than just resin covered glass. It can be used on vaporizers, hookahs, smoke pipes, water pipes, bubblers, plastic and acrylic.



Q: How to clean a bong or glass pipe with professional cleaners?

A: Follow the directions, its the best method to make sure you are getting the most out of your solutions. For really dirty pieces with caked on resin, it might help to let the piece sit in fully submerged solution for a while. Then use a pipe cleaner to gently scoop out the resin that balls up. Resin is an oily fatty based substance. Science tells us that it balls because the oils in resin want nothing to do with water. That is why resin balls up in water, just like oil balls up in water too.


Q: Is it safe to use professional cleaning supplies or are there safer alternatives?

A: Professional cleaning solutions are safe to use. But there are families that prefer all natural solutions. One of our products is an all natural cleaning solution with no addition of harmful chemicals. But we do not recommend digestion or letting this stuff come into contact with eyes or open skin.


Q: Is there a diy solution to cleaning bongs and glass pipes?

A: Yes there is a diy solution to cleaning bongs and glass pipes. Find the strongest concentration of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt to clean resin off. The isopropyl alcohol bonds with the resin molecules and the salt is a natural abrasive. Salt is soft enough to not damage glass but strong enough to push off resin. Don’t use water with your iso because it will dilute your solution. Its better to use water when you are done using your diy solution. Rinse well and enjoy!


Q: Which is best, professional glass and bong solutions or diy solutions?

A: It depends on how much time and money is available. Both professional and diy solutions work great. If you have time and no money, try and make your own cleaning solution. If you have a couple bucks and don’t to waste your time making your own cleaner, then buying one from our list is the way to go.



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